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50 years of Müller Rheinfelden

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the facility in Rheinfelden, the new production hall was taken in operation after one year of construction. The enlargement of the production area means that the long-awaited, new capacities where created and processes where optimized.
The extention of nearly 1,400 m² is already the third extension of the production area, since the company was founded in 1965, in addition to 1970 and 1999. The office building was expanded once in 2006. At present we have 140 employees at the Rheinfelden site and we are growing continuiously.
In 1965, the former company Gempp and Unold was bought by the Swiss Müller family to have a foothold in the EU and also to supply the southern German market with lacquered steel drums. In 1970 the production of stainless steel containers started. Upon customer requests of the Pharmaceutical industry the product range in Rheinfelden was expanded to funnels, dust-free transfer systems and mobil handling equipment all made of stainless steel.
Under the slogan "I am Müller", the 50-year anniversary was celebrated and the new hall was officially inaugurated on the 12th of September with all employees and their families as well as the pensioners of Müller GmbH.
On this occasion, COO Thomas Furtwängler summarized what "Müller" represents: "Anyone can buy machines that can manufacture our products. But to be able to produce a product in the known Müller Quality, it needs our know-how and the commitment of each employee. This makes us so special. We work hard- but we also have fun at work and we are a great team. Unlike to large corporations, our decision paths are short, we are flexible and this is appreciated by our customers worldwide."

Since 2010 Müller Rheinfelden produces parts for the washing machine of sister company Müller AG Cleaning Solutions and in 2012 the production of stationary lifting columns and mixer was shifted from the Swiss sister company Fördertechnik to Rheinfelden and integrated in the Müller GmbH.

The newly built section was designed for the final assembly of handling equipment and for manufacturing of big housings, including two foreman offices and a meeting room for customer acceptance tests (FAT).

We are delighted to be able to offer shorter delivery times to our customers because of the new capabilities.

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