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You want to clean your drums in a washing system or machine? Drums in the new MÜLLER Ultra-Clean series are perfectly suited for this treatment. They are designed so that cleaning fluids drain off ideally. No grooves or hollows where water can stagnate. The standard drum edging is seal welded; there is no gap where water can enter. Needless to say, these drums are interoperable with the entire Müller program.

Ultra Clean



• Body, base and lid in stainless steel 
  AISI 316L
• FDA-approved silicone elastomer seal 
  ring, USP Class VI (other materials
  available upon request)
• Sanitary seal-welded edging
• Geometry of beads and bottom 
  optimized for clean discharge of product
  and for drum cleaning
• Choose from a range of 20 different 
  sizes, from 5 liters up to 400 liters 
• Compliant with FDA and GMP guidelines

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