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Müller Processing - Customized Solutions for Handling, Blending, Containment and Multifunctional Process Equipment.

Müller GmbH in Rheinfelden, Germany is part of the Swiss Müller Group, and for some years now has been the worldwide market leader in drums, containers and process equipment modules in stainless steel.
The German operation was founded in Rheinfelden in 1904 as a branch of Gempp + Unold AG, a company based in Basel, Switzerland. In 1965 it was taken over by Müller AG Verpackungen to become Müller GmbH.
For the Müller Group this was the first step beyond the borders of Switzerland.
Just three years later the manufacturing area was expanded, a new building for storing sheet, tube and bar stock was erected and new employee facilities were built. Initially, coated mild steel drums were produced, followed soon by stainless steel drums. In 1989 the manufacture of mild steel products was extended to include process equipment modules in that material. A few years later production at Rheinfelden was restricted to stainless steel only, with the manufacture of mild steel products being concentrated in the other Müller Group plants in Münchenstein and Reiden. One reason for this rationalization was to eliminate possible corrosion due to cross-contamination between mild steel and stainless steel. The business continued to prosper. A second extension was added in 1999, and in 2006 the new office building was completed.

Firmengebäude Müller GmbH

Under its "Innovation in Stainless Steel" banner Müller GmbH offers a range of technically sophisticated products, embracing drums, containers, hoppers, handling equipment, dust-free powder handling units, emptying systems for viscous products and process equipment modules. CAD and modular design techniques are used together with automated job lot manufacturing to serve the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food products and fine chemical industries. Müller in Rheinfelden also specializes in highly efficient drum-emptying systems for transferring valuable active pharmaceutical ingredients to feed filling lines and dust-free docking systems for handling powders.

Over the years Müller GmbH has grown from drum manufacturer to specialist in modular stainless steel process systems. Its engineers, fitters and certified welders are committed to developing customer-oriented innovations and putting them to practical use.

Laseranlage Müller GmbH

Since 2007 the company has been organized into Business Areas 1 (Pharma and Handling) and 2 (Process Equipment Modules). Fabrication of stainless steel products and systems continues to be its principal activity, but customer requirements are increasingly calling for complete process solutions.
Müller drums and systems are known the world over. Müller GmbH has more than 50 representatives across the globe visiting customers at their locations and creating customized solutions.

The company's site in Rheinfelden has an area of 21,900 m².

- We are certified acc. to
  Quality Management DIN ISO 9001
  Environment protection DIN 14001
  Occupational Health- and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001
- Many of our products have been type tested and have gained UN approval for
the transportation of hazardous substances
- We operate a well-equipped quality assurance laboratory to guarantee that
customer requirements will be met at all times

Müller GmbH employs about 140 full-time staff in commercial and technical occupations.
The company is also committed to training and offers young people apprenticeships in technical vocations.

The manufacture of stainless steel containers and systems has minimum environmental impact, since at the end of their life cycle stainless steel components are recycled as scrap for remelting.

Our strategy:
All our manufacturing processes are continually optimized and monitored for their environmental compatibility.We will continue positioning ourselves as an innovative and reliable partner in the market. Our flexibility allows us to meet your specifications at all times. We strive for long-term partnerships hallmarked by mutual esteem.

Annual investment plans ensure that our facilities represent state-of-the-art manufacturing.