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At its factory in Rheinfelden, Germany, Müller Processing designs and manufactures stainless steel vessels, system components, mobile and stationary handling devices, and product containment solutions that can be fitted together in a variety of ways. Standardized assemblies are thus combined with each other to produce customized systems. Solutionoriented design and automated series manufacture go hand in hand with the traditional skills of the artisan in working stainless steel to ensure the highest levels of precision. Our company offers customized interfaces with a precision fit for the critical transfer of product between handling systems and individual containers, which include lidded or bung drums, bottles and jars, double-walled vessels, and round or rectangular containers (IBCs) with capacities of up to 3000 liters. CEcompliant lift/swivel/invert columns made for efficient handling. Various user-friendly solutions are available for the crucial transfer point between containers and machines to meet the stipulated containment specifications.

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One Familiy - Müller Processing is a member of the Müller Group.

The five companies in the Group

  • develop, manufacture and sell industrial packaging in mild steel, fiber, plastic and stainless steel,

  • design, develop and construct mechanical handling equipment, cleaning systems and intralogistics solutions,

for applications in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hygiene products, cosmetics, fragrances and flavors, food, mineral oil, inks and paints, semiconductors, storage and distribution industries. This internationally oriented family business with over 120 years of experience has 450 employees at production sites in Switzerland and Germany. The Group's worldwide presence is underpinned by a network of more than 50 representatives.