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Stainless Steel containers, stainless steel drums and lifting systems.

About Müller Processing

Headquartered in Rheinfelden, Germany, Müller Processing belongs to the Swiss Müller Group and is a leading supplier of stainless steel drums and container systems.  At Rheinfelden, 170 highly qualified employees produce modular container and handling systems as well as housings for process engineering applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industries. The product portfolio covers a variety of applications and is divided into Systems, Handling and Containment: Systems includes lidded and tight head drums, double-walled containers, bottles, round and square containers (IBCs). Thanks to additional components such as drying inserts, discharge aids or sieves, these containers can be transformed into multifunctional process containers. Handling includes stationary and mobile devices for lifting, turning, mixing and emptying of stainless steel containers. Containment complements the Müller Processing portfolio with flap systems for the safe and dust-free transfer of toxic or highly effective goods. As a pioneer in powder handling, Müller Processing especially offers dust-free split butterfly valve systems. With over 50 field service partners worldwide, Müller Processing ensures customer-oriented consultancy and efficient implementation of complete production process solutions.

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