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7.6 Butterfly valves

Stainless Steel Valve, Type MC

Butterfly valves are helpful equipment, when proper feeding of powders or granulates into pharmaceutical containers is required.

All butterfly valves by Müller are made of stainless steel and are available in sizes from ND 100 up to ND 250. The butterfly valves are designed for powder handling in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and meet GMP and FDS standards. The compact design and the massive clamp closing with bracket allows an assembling without any tools.

Developed especially for pharmaceutical industry processes, the butterfly valve MC by Müller is in usage nowadays all over the world. Wherever frequent changes of products, e. g. powders, is required, this butterfly valve is the right solution. It is user-friendly and can be quickly dismantled without any additional tools needed. Cleaning is easy, too. 

The MC butterfly valve supplies control of all handling interfaces, whether operated with manual lever, pneumatic actuator or electrical positioner.

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