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3.6 Hopper bins / Mini Silos

Which bulk goods are suitable for hopper bins and silos made of stainless steel?

Müller hopper bins, also called mini silos, are as well suitable for warehousing and transportation of bulk goods.

The Müller silos are used as collecting drums, feed tanks or mixing vessels by the pharmaceutical industry,  cosmetics industry, food industry and the chemical industry.

Typical applications are the storage or transport of solid and liquid products, e. g. powders or paste-like media.

Müller silos feature a very high corrosion resistance and are suitable as containers for drugs and other high purity materials, used in the medical technology industry.

Various grades of stainless steel materials are available: AISI 304, AISI 316L, Hastelloy and special materials.

A wide range of sizes and diameters with capacities from 5 to 1,200 liters are offered. Thus, Müller silo systems provide an economical solution for all demanding production processes.

3.6 / 01 Silo type 60

Silo type 60 is suitable for normal bulk materials. It is formed to a stainless steel rounded body. Calibrated edging, pressed cones, butt-welded seams and patented stainless steel valves with clamp closing and hand lever represent Müllers high quality. The clamping ring lid with filling tube allows dust-free docking. DN 100 - 300 mm.

3.6 / 02 Silo type 90

Silo type 90 with a symmetrical rounded body is made of stainless steel, and suitable for very free-flowing bulk materials. A clamping ring lid with filling tube allows dust-free docking. It is formed with a sealing surface. The patented stainless steel valve with hand lever Type MC is continuously adjustable and guarantees easy cleaning and assembling. DN 100 - 300 mm.

3.6 / 03 Silo type AS

The asymmetrical stainless steel silo type AS is formed with a rounded body and is suitable for bulk materials that do not readily flow. Cones are pressed and all seams are butt-welded. This hopper bin with patented steel valve allows easy cleaning and assembling. All parts inside and outside are polished and brushed to a 320 grit. DN 100 - 300 mm.