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2.0 Overview drum/containers

2.0 Overview drums / containers

Lidded drums
Applications: Storage, transportation, mixing, filling, feeding production lines, emptying, drying, ...
Product: Powders / liquids / pastes
Shape: Cylindrical / conical (stack snugly when empty) / selection of bottom and lid variants
Volume: 0,5 - 1000 liters
Material: 304, 321 and 316L grade stainless steel, high grade alloys such as Hastelloy, ...
Accessoires: Label holders, handles, tare weight etched on drum, ...
Specialty: UN-certified for solid and liquid products

The right type for your application:
Drum type Design Application
2.1 / 01 stackable with stackable base, circumferential bead at base universal
2.1 / 02 not stackable with flat base and base ring easy to clean
2.1 / 03 stackable with flat base no base ring easy to clean
2.1 / 04 not stackable with dished base and base ring fastidious emptying, heavy weights, internal pressure, easy to clean
2.1 / 05 not stackable with special base for 100% emptying complete emptying of liquids
2.6 / 01 drum with body reinforcement especially stable smooth-walled interior, external stiffening beads protection against damage, positive grip and secure pickup
2.6 / 02 drum with protective body smooth-walled interior, outer shell at distance from inner drum protection against damage to inner drum
2.6 / 03 drum with insulated body outer shell stiffened by beads Insualtion through "drum in drum" design - protects and insulates at the same time
2.6 / 05 pressurized operation smooth-walled inner container, outer shell with spiral bead for circulation of media pressurized up to 3 bar
recovery drum UN-certified 2-part drum, upper and lower sections held together by special clamping ring for the recovery of damaged containers of hazardous materials

Drums with bung
Application: storage, transportation, emptying
Product: liquids of all kinds, including high-purity products
Shape: cylindrical, dished heads top and bottom, with top and base rings
Volume: 10 - 200 liters
Material: 304 and 316L grade stainless steels, high grade alloys such as Hastelloy, ...
Accessoires: riser tubes, sterile fittings, flanges, ...
Specialty: UN-certified dor the transportation of hazardous substances, approval for option valves, riser tubes, etc.

The right type for your application
Drum type Design Application
1. 60 Cylindrical, dished heads top and bottom, with top and base rings 100% emptying possible through riser tube, various connection / valve options Storage, emptying of liquids, drum vertical or horizontal