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Mobile handling equipment

If several machines need to be feeded under cramped conditions, Müller`s MOBILO is in its element. The mobile handling equipment is simple to operate and practical even in tight corners, it can pick up drums, lift and invert them and then lower them. This is made possible largely by its compact construction, which combines low headroom requirements with maximum lift.

The carrying arms are raised hydraulically and the operating levers allow infinitely variable positioning. The linkage is designed so that the horizontal reach does not change during the lifting operation, the drum always remaining visible to the operator. As the drum always remains on the same vertical center line when being raised or lowered, it is possible to position it accurately.

Another advantage of the mobile handling equipment becomes apparent when the drum is docked onto the next machine – the drum-hopper combination is lowered gently and is centered automatically in the nest. Regardless of which drum type is being handled. A slewing ring or motorized chassis can give additional mobility to this compact device.

Müller offers several types of mobile handling lifters.

Type SL 75

Type M 150

  • Low headroom design (N)
  • Loads up to 150 kg
  • Lift up to 2800 mm
  • Easy handling
  • Highly versatile
Type SL 150

Type M 250

  • Loads up to 250 kg
  • Lift up to 4500 mm (H)
  • Very stable on base
  • Versatile, secure gripping action
mobile equipment with motorized drive

With motorized drive

  • Easily maneuvered forwards and backwards
  • Two speeds
  • For long distances
  • For heavy containers up to 300 kg
  • For difficult floors
mobile equipment with swiveling base

With swiveling base

  • Base swivels through 240° on bogie
  • Base orientation can be latched
  • For confined spaces
  • Makes work under cramped conditions easier
  • Very stable on base
Standard clamps

Standard clamps

  • Stainless steel
  • Anti-slip facing
  • Positive grip
Webbing jaw

Webbing Jaw

  • One clamp for three types of drum
  • Ø 350 mm to Ø 710 mm
  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Fiber drums
Webbing jaw with retaining finger

Webbing Jaw with retaining finger

  • Friction grip plus positive grip means drums will not slip
  • Retaining finger for extra safety
Spacer bar

Distance retainer

  • Necessary if drum is gripped without a hopper
  • Prevents deformation of drum