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"We transform our products into customized solutions for handling, blending, containment and multifunctional process equipment."

Müller Processing - Customized Solutions for Handling, Blending, Containment and Multifunctional Process Equipment.

Computerised modular designs and automated large-scale production runs are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fine chemicals and food segment. For example, in the pharmaceutical production easy-to-clean, round, square or cylindrical pharmaceutical containers for larger batches with a seamless internal finish ensure safe and hygienic handling. We offer the Müller Containment split valve system MCV for transferring and filling toxic media free from contamination. Our active and passive valve system protects your staff's health and ensures that the product stays 100% pure. Viscous products present a major challenge for companies from various sectors. Müller's Emptying Systems are able to convey pastes, creams, ointments etc. efficiently from the transport and storage container directly into the filling machine without any losses.

The stainless steel drums, containers and system component construction continue to be the focus of Müller Systems. Our standardised assemblies (lidded and tight head drums in 20 different sizes, double-walled containers for harsh processing environments, bottles, round and square containers (IBC) in pharmaceutical quality up to 2000 l etc.) can be combined without limits and are therefore offered as a complete, tailored solution. Customers can meet increasing requirements efficiently and economically by expanding their Müller System. We therefore see ourselves as a global technology company with the responsibility to develop our intelligent stainless steel systems technology further on an ongoing basis to combine drums and container systems with handling systems (stable handling equipment, CE-compliant container lifters and low-noise drum lifters for drum and container handling) to meet current requirements and to expand these in the future.

We are happy to advise you and will find an efficient solution for your requirements. We are looking forward to your call or email!